Duet Health

Front End Developer Intern (July 2016 - Present)

I work with a team of web developers making web apps for medical companies and hospitals. I used HTML, SASS (CSS preprocessor), jQuery (JavaScript library), Laravel (PHP framework), and CodeIgniter (PHP Framework) to develop these web apps. I worked on an agile team which used Jira to track our progress and GIT for version control.

Angela Designs

Freelance Web Development (June 2015 - Present)

I would create websites for my clients using HTML, CSS, and Javascript for the front end, and Python (Flask framework) or PHP (Laravel framework) for the backend. I would construct APIs with versioning in order to communicate with external clients. Some projects would use a wordpress admin interface to allow clients to edit their website once the project was done. I would also use Google Analytics to track traffic on the website.

Bravura 3D

Software Engineering Intern (January 2015 - May 2015)

Using C++ I would interface with Bravura 3D's 3D printer motors to operate the printer. I created an algorithm which sent feedback to the computer about where the 3D printer head was located in the X,Y, and Z plane.


Programming Languages

PHP, Python, C, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SASS, C++, MATLAB, and SQL (MySQL db and SQLite db).

Frameworks and Libraries

JQuery, Laravel, CodeIgnitor and Bootstrap


PHPStorm (preferred), NetBeans, Eclipse, SublimeText, Code Blocks, and IDLE

Operating Systems

Mac OS X, Ubuntu, Debian (Raspbian), and Windows 10


I have used GIT for a version control system, and JIRA for project management. I have also worked with nginx and apache servers.



Ohio State University (2019) B.S. Computer Science Engineering

High School

Poland Seminary High School (2010-2014)


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Grow Drum

Grow Drum is an IOT device which allowed users to remotely control their smart garden. I built Grow Drum in a team with one other engineer. We used a Raspberry Pi as the computer. I made the Grow Drum web app with Python, HTML, SASS, Javascript, and a MySQL database.

Small Biz Support

Small Biz Support was made at a Hackathon with two other developers. This web app allowed businesses to post inquires in a thread and get support from other business owners. I worked on the frontend of the web app, using HTML, CSS, jQuery with Ajax request to and from our API.


Smartify is an IOS keyboard extensions which reads through a users text message and swaps out shorter words for longer more sophisticated words. We used objective-c to create the keyboard extension and Git to manage the project.

Sixth Scent Candles

Sixth Scent Candles is an online candle business I created my freshman year of college. I created this to learn more about web development and e-commerce sales. I used Shopify for my backend and changed the frontend with HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Color That

Color That is a web app I made myself. This web app allows color blind people to upload picture of their clothing, and the web app will tell them what color their clothing is. I used HTML, CSS, PHP, and Jquery to build the web app with a MVC design pattern

Class Connect

Class Connect is a web app made at a hackathon. This web app allowed students in the same class to posts questions, notes, and study guides. I built this using HTML, PHP, and CSS.

Want to see how I program? View this website on GitHub!

This website took me approximately 20 hours to make. I used HTML, SASS, JQuery and BootStrap to make it.



Columbus, Ohio

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